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Human Rights in India – Status Report 2012: Updated and RevisedWGHR Monitoring Tool for Recommendations from the United Nations' Universal Periodic Review for India
Human Rights in India – Status Report 2012: Updated and RevisedHuman Rights in India – Status Report 2012: Updated and Revised
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WGHR Upcoming Event

Launch of WGHR “Human Rights in India: Status Report 2012” – Revised Version and Panel Discussion, 6 December 2012

On 6 December 2012, the Working Group on Human Rights in India and the UN (WGHR) will launch a revised and updated version of its report “Human Rights in India - Status Report 2012”, which was prepared for India’s Second Universal Periodic Review (UPR) at the UN Human Rights Council in May 2012. The report presents an overview of critical human rights issues in India. A revised version of the report, which includes recent developments and updates since May 2012, as well as the list of recommendations accepted by the Government of India at the Human Rights Council in September 2012, will be released on 6 December 2012 in New Delhi. The report launch will be followed by a panel discussion with chairs/members of national human rights institutions on the human rights situation in India. Participants will share their views and analysis of the current human rights situation pertaining to their respective mandates, and will also reflect on how to engage with the implementation of the recommendations accepted by India during its second UPR. 

WGHR Members' News and Activities

CHRI: International Meeting, 4, 5 & 6 December 2012

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI), New Delhi is organising an international seminar entitled ‘Rising Democracies of the Global South: Understanding India Brazil South Africa Dialogue Forum’. This will bring together academics and civil society from India, South Africa and Brazil on 4, 5 and 6 of December in New Delhi. As a part of this on 5 December there will be a public meeting from 2pm to 5pm at the India International Center. The seminar and the meeting is an effort to understand the India, Brazil South Africa Dialogue Forum (IBSA) and the potential of the three rising Southern democracies to positively influence international decision making. This will see information exchange and experience sharing across the borders of the three countries ahead of the March 2013 IBSA Summit in New Delhi. 

PLD Workshop: ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Introspecting Violence Against Women and the Law’, 27-31/10/2012

PLD organised a five-day residential workshop on the women’s movement’s engagement with the criminal law in addressing violence against women. The objective was to revisit the feminist legal debates around specific issues such as sexual assault, sexuality, sex work, cyber crimes relating to women; evaluate our engagement with the criminal justice system and our critically reflect on the predominant reliance on penal redress for securing gender justice. Read more 

PLD: 'Developing Capacities for Strengthening the Application of CEDAW: A Trainers Guide'

Partners for Law in Development (PLD) produced a trainers’ guide to meet a longstanding demand of trainers and programmers working with and on CEDAW. The document endeavors to provide guidance on content and perspective, and suggest tools and exercises for facilitating communication, learning, and the application of CEDAW. Read more 

ACHR: Juvenile Justice in Manipur suspended because of corruption, 22/10/2012

The Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) in its latest report “Manipur: Juvenile Justice Suspended” claims that juvenile justice has been suspended in Manipur by the Ministry of Women and Child Development because of corruption and misuse of the resources. Read more 

ACHR: Himachal Pradesh - Juveniles being denied access to justice, 16/10/2012

The Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) in its fact finding report, “The State of Juvenile Justice in Himachal Pradesh” states that juveniles in Himachal Pradesh are effectively being denied access to justice. Read more 

News on Human Rights Issues

"Malnutrition kills 28 more children while the administration looks the other way in Madhya Pradesh" - AHRC, 29/10/2012 

The Asian Human Rights Commission has received information about the death of 28 children in Madhya Pradesh, belonging primarily to Sahariya community, a Scheduled Tribe, suffering by malnutrition and diseases related to it. The deaths have occurred despite the administration being well aware of the situation. Read more 

“Activists step up demand for Dayamani Barla’s release” – The Hindu, 27/10/2012

Indian and international organisations condemn the unjust arrest of activist Dayamani Barla, award-winning adivasi activist and journalist who was given bail but arrested soon after in a second case. Activists and supporters have prepared to intensify their demand for her release. Read more 

“We walk. For the good earth that is ours” – Tehelka, 20/10/2012

Jan Satyagraha, the long-lasting March of the Landless, was called off after an agreement was reached with the Ministry of Rural Development. The government committed to introduce a new law guaranteeing homestead land to deprived sections of the society. Land reforms, transfer of agricultural land to landless and economically backward districts, protection and assigning of land belonging to landless poor and specific deprived groups are part of the agreement. Read more 

“Corruption is violation of human rights, says SC” – Hindustan Times, 17/10/2012

The Supreme Court set aside the Bombay High Court's order of staying conviction of an IPS officer in a disproportionate case. The bench stated: "Corruption is not only a punishable offence but also undermines human rights, indirectly violating them, and systematic corruption, is a human rights' violation in itself, as it leads to systematic economic crimes…When a public servant is found guilty of corruption by a court, he has to be treated as corrupt until he is exonerated by a superior court in appeal/revision". Read more 

“U.N. appeal follows outrage at child marriage demand” – The Hindu, 12/10/2012

Following the outrage towards the demand for lowering the age of marriage to shield girls from sexual crimes, and marking the UN’s first International Day of the Girl Child (11 October), the United Nations urged India to address the issue of child marriage immediately and seek a political commitment to the goal of ending this harmful practice. Read more 

“20 Delhi kids go missing daily, half are trafficked” – Hindustan Times, 11/10/2012

According to Delhi Police records, around 20 children go missing in Delhi every day, out of which 8 (40%) are never seen again. The number of children that went missing between July 16 and September 15 2012 is 1,153 - half of them being kidnapped by traffickers - indicating an increase of 40% in cases of disappearance. Read more 



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